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Welcome to Season 2 of PROJECT DISTINCT podcast! 

Season 2, Episode 1    |    09:13 min

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Episode 524: Encore Episode – How to tell a distinctive and compelling story: Act Two

Today’s PROJECT DISTINCT continues our examination of how we can tell OUR stories in a dynamic and distinctive manner. Act Two of the compelling business story is known by many names: “raising the stakes,” “confrontation,” or “rising action” – Scott calls it “our search for resolution.”  No matter how it’s known, having an Act Two that makes  your story more compelling is critical to making it persuasive.

Episode 523: Encore Episode – How to tell a distinctive and compelling story: Act One

We’ve all heard that “whoever tells the best story…wins!”  Yet few of us have really examined how we can tell OUR stories in a more compelling and distinctive manner.  Today’s PROJECT DISTINCT focuses upon what Scott McKain believes is the most missing element in business storytelling: an Act One that creates tension…and that moves YOUR audience to become emotionally engaged with what happens next.

Episode 522: Encore Episode – You can’t grow customer loyalty by cutting service!

As Las Vegas casinos begin to charge for valet parking – and set minimums on how much you play the slots before you can have a free drink – they’re eliminating services that (rightly or wrongly) customers have come to EXPECT.  You cannot grow customer loyalty by eliminating or charging for elements of the experience that you’ve traditionally provided as part of the essence of doing business.  On today’s new PROJECT DISTINCT, Scott McKain reveals the single most overlooked aspect of your business’s bottom line!

Episode 521: Encore Episode – How should you hire your next employee?

Often, we rely on our instincts — our “gut feel” — to tell us if someone is the right fit on our team.  Research, however, suggests that might be the cause of having employees who are disengaged and undermotivated.  On today’s PROJECT DISTINCT, Scott McKain explores why that is the case — and what you should do to improve your ability to hire the “right” person for your next opening.

Episode 519: Encore Episode – As times change, people change…

Continuing with our series that unveils the new book, “ALL Business is STILL Show Business!” we examine an overlooked phenomenon that impacts our businesses, customers, and markets – as times change, the people who are our customers as changing, too.  Scott McKain examines how the entertainment industry has impacted customer expectations and choices on today’s PROJECT DISTINCT!

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