S2 E26: Refreshing the customer experience

While a consistent delivery of the customer experience might first be appreciated, over a period of time the sameness will bore and disengage your customers. In today’s Project Distinct, Scott McKain makes the case for refreshing your customer experience — and provides the six questions you need to ask to make it happen.

S2 E25: Keys to employee engagement

You cannot create distinction without an engaged team delivering an ultimate customer experience. On today’s Project Distinct, Scott McKain reveals some shocking statistics about employee engagement — and gives you specific steps to take to enhance the involvement of your team.

S2 E24: What NOT to do when firing an employee

On yesterday’s podcast, we looked at when you should fire an employee. Today, we’ll examine what you should NEVER do when you’re actually informing the employee that they’ve been terminated. Scott McKain takes a look at several specific points you should always follow during the difficult conversation that ends a colleague’s relationship with your organization.

S2 E23: When it’s time to fire an employee

One of the most challenging questions any entrepreneur or manager has to face is, “When is the right time to fire an employee?” In today’s Project Distinct, Scott McKain will give you seven specific signs that it’s the right time to say goodbye — and share an employee mistake he made that revealed the importance to letting someone go for the good of everyone involved.

S2 E22: Encore Episode – What’s the difference?

In this episode, Scott McKain addresses the difference between being “distinctive” and becoming “iconic.” And, he reveals the starting point for separating yourself from the competition — whether it’s for an organization…or, even an individual hoping for professional success or promotions.

S2 E21: Dealing with a difficult boss

We’ve all experienced managers who were tough to work for — and, if that’s what you’re dealing with now, how can you handle it? In today’s Project Distinct, Scott McKain shares his story of a difficult boss — and how you can avoid the mistake he made. And, he’ll reveal simple, practical steps to help you be more productive when you have to work with a difficult personality.