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Welcome to Season 2 of PROJECT DISTINCT podcast! 

Season 2, Episode 1    |    09:13 min

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Episode 388: Pacing and focus — keys to business success…

To celebrate hitting #1 on Amazon.com’s charts for ebooks on small business, customer relations, AND marketing & sales — here’s an excerpt from the upcoming release of the audiobook version of “ALL Business is STILL Show Business!  Today’s PROJECT DISTINCT covers pacing and focus — two important elements required for success in show business — and YOUR business!

Episode 387: There is no reason to do business with you…UNLESS..

Increased competition, changing product lines, shifting customer preferences, price sensitivity — sound like your business?  It describes many — and it applies specifically to grocery stores.  On today’s PROJECT DISTINCT, Scott McKain first speaks to the controversy from yesterday’s segment about hiriing new employees — then outlines why grocery retailers (and your business) must consider more than products to keep and grow their customer base.

Episode 385: Encore Episode – The TWO currencies that customers pay with…

Most businesses think of the economic value that they create for customers – and ascertain what price establishes the best opportunity to turn that value into a sale.  The problem is that in today’s world, customers are using more than one currency.  The critical aspect is that one – money – is a renewable resource; the other is not.  That’s the subject of today’s PROJECT DISTINCT.

Episode 384: Encore Episode – As times change, people change…

Continuing with our series that unveils the new book, “ALL Business is STILL Show Business!” we examine an overlooked phenomenon that impacts our businesses, customers, and markets – as times change, the people who are our customers as changing, too.  Scott McKain examines how the entertainment industry has impacted customer expectations and choices on today’s PROJECT DISTINCT!

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