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Welcome to Season 2 of PROJECT DISTINCT podcast! 

Season 2, Episode 1    |    09:13 min

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Episode 314: Encore Episode – Passion versus professionalism…

If you’re not passionate about your work, you cannot be successful…right?  Well, not necessarily.  If you want to get ahead, you have to be thoroughly professional, don’t you?  Perhaps not.  Which is more important to becoming distinctive — passion or professionalism?  In today’s PROJECT DISTINCT, Scott McKain explores the advantages — and the pitfalls — of both qualities.

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Episode 312: Encore Episode – The Power of Tenacity

Nothing great can be accomplished without tenacity?the ability to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back at it!  Scott McKain’s good friend ? acclaimed Canadian businessman Dr. Peter Legge ? has a great new book, “The Three Things You’ll Need to Make Your Mark in Life.” It addresses the importance of what Legge calls, “The Power of Tenacity.”  Today’s PROJECT DISTINCT explores this important topic. (And, you can find Peter’s book on his website, PeterLegge.com)

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Episode 311: Encore Episode – How do you influence someone to change their mind?

Following up on yesterday’s episode about the Presidential election, Scott McKain continues the conversation with a critical business lesson on the importance of influence.  Just as a losing political party wants to convert voters to another point of view, professionals must find ways to get customers of the competition to consider an alternative.  That’s the topic of today’s PROJECT DISTINCT!

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Episode 307: Encore Episode – The two types of jobs…

According to Scott McKain, there are only two types of jobs in any organization.  The problems are that many managers don’t understand that concept ? and that employees need your organizations to be clear about which of the two they’re working in or applying for. Today’s PROJECT DISTINCT examines both types of jobs ? and expands on how to maximize the impact of each for your colleagues and your company.

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Episode 306: Encore Episode – The 4 requirements for a great management attitude…

Today’s employees are not as loyal to organizations as they are to their respective managers.  So, what does it take to display the attitude that will inspire your top people to be committed to both you and your business?  In today’s PROJECT DISTINCT, Scott McKain reviews why it’s so critical for you to display the four requirements for a great management attitude?and reveals what you need to display to your team.

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Episode 305: Encore Episode – The TWO currencies that customers pay with…

Most businesses think of the economic value that they create for customers ? and ascertain what price establishes the best opportunity to turn that value into a sale.  The problem is that in today’s world, customers are using more than one currency.  The critical aspect is that one ? money ? is a renewable resource; the other is not.  That’s the subject of today’s PROJECT DISTINCT.

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