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Welcome to Season 2 of PROJECT DISTINCT podcast! 

Season 2, Episode 1    |    09:13 min

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S2 E19: Contagious Attitudes

Whether we realize it or not, the attitude that we display to others is highly contagious. And, this naturally means that the attitudes we reflect to our customers helps set the tone for their experiences with us. Today, Scott McKain reveals new research on the critical importance of sending out “good vibes” and what it can mean to our customer and employee relationships.

S2 E18: What Metallica can teach you about business

It’s hard to imagine any band customizing their concert performances more than Metallica does. In today’s Project Distinct, Scott McKain lists how the supergroup makes each show a special event for local fans — and relates it to the steps we need to take in business to make our customers feel more engaged.

S2 E17: Encore Episode – As Times Change, People Do, Too

There are massive changes in today’s world — everyone knows that. So, why aren’t some personal and professional practices keeping pace? In today’s episode, Scott McKain explains why we might not be keeping up with the times, and suggests the first step we should take to do something distinctive about it.

S2 E16: Encore Episode – Five Leadership Styles that Fail to Create Iconic Results

In today’s episode, Scott talks about the importance of leaders and discusses five leadership styles that fail to create the kind of iconic cultures that distinctive leaders should be developing.

Based on a LinkedIn post by Suchitra Mishra, Scott reveals the five specific behaviors — and discusses why you need to get rid of these approaches to achieve success.

S2 E14: Why YOUR business IS “show business”

A remarkable event created Scott McKain’s unique business philosophy: “ALL Business is Show Business.” In today’s Project Distinct, he relates the story of how it happened, and why it’s important to you and your efforts.

(If you’d like to hear the entire audiobook of “ALL Business is STILL Show Business,” it’s available on Audible.)

S2 E13: Fighting commoditization

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, it’s natural that commoditization is a magnet that pulls businesses and professionals back to the pack. In today’s episode, Scott McKain relates the story of how commoditization impacted his industry of professional speaking — and reveals the aspect of business that can help you prevent being a commodity.

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